Great Rates, Excellent Sound, Great Vibe

Mixing Console
The centerpiece of the studio is a fully restored and heavily optimized MCI J 636 Mixing console. The console was restored and upgraded by Echoes Electronics Laboraties (a divison of Echoes inc that builds custom studio gear. The console is a 36 channel dual inline console with full parametric equalizers on all channels. 24 channels have custom built Classic API 312 style preamps installed. They remaining channels have optimized MCI stock channels and EEL designed solid state preamps. The console is amazing for tracking and mixing.  During the 80s this was one the most widely used console in many studios studios, it was nicknamed the 'Hitmaker' for the amount of hit songs that were recorded and mixed on it. MCI consoles has a very long history in the recording business.
Echoes Recording Studio has a vast array of high end studio microphones of all types, Dynamic, Condensors, Ribbon, PZM and several custom made.  Our microphone list includes the following:
2 Neumann U87s
6 AKG 414 ULS
2 AKG 414 IL
4 Audio Technica 4033
1 Royer R 121 Ribbon
3 AKG D112 
2 Rode NT 2  (upgraded with Peluso Capsules)
1 Rode NT 1 (Upgraded with Peluso Capsules)
4 AKG C1000
2 AKG C3000
1952 Calrad 500c 
1 Shure SM 82 Beta
12 Shure SM 57
3 Shure SM 58 Beta
1 Shure SM 58

Outboard Equipment
Echoes Recording Studio has a large amount of outboard equipment, external preamps, compressors, equalizers, AD/DA convertors, summing units, effects units, etc. Several items are custom made by Echoes Electronics Labortories (A divison of Echoes Inc.).  Featuring new high end studio outboard gear as well as vintage equipment. The studio can record on high end digital convertors or analog tape. Outboard equipment list is as follows:
Otari 2" 24 track MTR 90 Reel to Reel
Mytek HD 192 A/D convertors
Motu HD 192 (upgraded by Echoes Electronics Labs)
Motu 2408 MIII (upgraded by Echoes Electronics Labs)
10 Channels of vintage Telefunken Preamplifers 
4 Classic API VP25 Preamplifers
Custom made John Hardy Summing unit
2 Emprical Labs Distressors
4 DBX 500 160 Compressors
4 DBX 166 Compressors
4 ART Pro VLAS (upgraded by Echoes Electronics Labs)
2 GSSL Stereo Buss Compressors (Custom made)
4 1176 Compressors (Custom Made)
Presonus 4 channel compressor
14 Behringer compressors 
2 Warm Audio 1176 Compressors
Pultec stereo EQ (Custom Made)
Vintage ASPI Stereo EQ
Various effects units (ART, Lexicon, Behringer, TC Electronics)
UAD, Waves, Fab Filter, Native Instrument Plugins
Recording Rooms
Echoes Recording Studio has has over 2000 square footage space of recording rooms available in the 1855 historic farmhouse which houses the studio. A bright Drum Room, several isolation rooms, and larger recording rooms and a vocal room. All Rooms are extensively acoustically treated to optimize the recording quality.